Frequently asked questions
What is the DeoNature Bio product composed of?

By vitellaria paradoxa, prunus dulcis, baking soda, melaleuca alternifolia and corn starch.

How is it better to keep the Deonature Bio?

It is recommended to keep it in a cool and dry place away from heat sources.

How many times a day should DeoNature Bio be applied?

Generally, a single application a day is sufficient, but if you have a more important sweating it is possible to apply it more than once, according to your needs.

How long does the 100gr package last?

Around three to five months.

How to appropriately recycle the components of the package?

The PET jar can is deposited in the appropriate PET collection points, while the aluminum lid in those dedicated to the ALU.

How to use DeoNature Bio?

Apply a little bit of DeoNature Bio in the armpit and gently spread it over the entire area with your hand.

Who can use DeoNature Bio?

Anyone who is not allergic to any of the following substances: Vitellaria paradoxa, prunus dulcis, baking soda, melaleuca alternifolia, corn starch

Do the armpits have to be depilated?

Absolutely not, DeoNature Bio is effective both for those who have armpits depilated or not.

Does DeoNature Bio contain alcohol?


Does DeoNature Bio contain aluminum salts?


Does DeoNature Bio contain preservatives?


Does DeoNature Bio contain chemicals?


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